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Cat Litter Trial

Updated: May 16

We asked some Aussie cat lovers to put an Aussie brand of plant-based cat litter to the test.

Apart from its credentials as a plant-based renewable sourced litter, it proudly espouses its odour beating abilities (key ingredient pea fibre) with a world first enzyme activated cat litter for odour control!

So, what did the cat owners and cats think?

Well, most importantly the 15 test cats took to it great! There were no hassles with cats using it – a big plus. We also know this litter is safe with no nasty fragrance or colour additives to harm cats.

And the cat lovers? Well, most loved it or found some great benefits. For example, odour control and efficient clumping abilities reducing litter wastage as well as its availability in leading supermarkets and pet stores.

Interestingly, not all testers used the litter at the required depth (it does differ for different litter types). This caused a few issues with cleanup that are easily resolved. So, if all else fails, read the instructions!

Comments about concerns with packaging, pack size and country of origin for the pea fibre are currently being reviewed and we have heard there might be some exciting changes coming soon to Tofu Cat Litter Australia!

Final cat litter trial report Apr 2024
Download PDF • 607KB

Meet some of the test cats:

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