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About Us

Our Goal

women with a pet dog

We want to connect people around the world to share information and experiences of eco-friendly programs to manage pet waste!

Our Key Messages

All pet waste in regular garbage bins ends up in landfill and produces methane a harmful greenhouse gas.
For pet poop, the circular economy principles of reuse, recycle, regeneration and keeping a product at its highest value are possible.

sign for dog poo pick up bags

Pick Up Bags/ Litter

  • Learn your country's certified compostable symbol

  • Use pick-up bags made from renewable sources e.g. plant-based

  • Avoid fossil-based plastic pick-up bags

  • Don't use mined cat litter

  • Learn more about pick-up bags

a dog with a sign saying choice


  • In public areas use community green bins designated for pet waste

  • Compost dog poop at home

  • Flush dog poop
    (if okayed in your region)

  • Use household green bin
    (if o
    kayed for pet waste)

  • Arrange a pet scooper collection
    that repurposes pet waste

a sign saying educate advocate

Advocate/ Learn

  • Advocate for more 'green' pet waste options, e.g. community green bins

  • Businesses and government - share information to educate pet owners about eco options

  • Encourage research into eco-friendly options

  • Set policy and targets to guide pet waste practice

Our Global Networks

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