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Taipei project turns cat manure into fertilizers

Updated: May 17

This project is about sustainable disposal of cat manure. The Puzzle Cat Home owner, Chen Jen Hsiang started a cat hotel in Taipei, Taiwan. He was originally a game engineer who produced gambling games. (Chen) One day a child asked him what his job was and he felt embarrassed to answer that he creates gambling games. (Chen) During that time Taiwan was suffering through some social issues so he decided to change careers and help benefit society. (Chen)

The founder did not plan to own a cat hotel but his personality and habit of finding a solution to a problem once he saw it led him to opening one. (Chen) The first cat he took in was when a friend reported that there was a cat that couldn’t be taken in by the pet store since it was considered “no profit”, and it was about to be euthanized. Since Chen Jen Hsiang couldn’t bear the idea of an innocent stray being “killed,” he took the cat home. (Chen)

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