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Help create a new cat statistic.

Updated: May 16

Average weight of cat poop per cat per day.

We need a robust measure for the average weight of cat poo per day to aid data to help shine a light on the amount of cat poo going to landfill. We seek the help of cat owners anywhere in the world to help. 4 Steps

1.       Register your interest – tell us your suburb or town, state and country (

2.       Record cat poo weights for 3 full days (record in grams or ounces).

3.       Record your cat age, weight (if known) or cat size e.g. Small. Medium, Large or XLarge.

4.       Send in your info via Messenger for collating.

Cat poo weight for 3 days from cats of different ages and sizes.

Cat Age(years)

Cat Size S  M  L  XL


weight (g or oz)

Day 1 Record each poo weight (g or oz)

Day 2 Record each poo weight (g or oz)

Day 3 Record each poo weight (g or oz)

5 .5 yrs



Eg: 25g, 19g, 55g

Eg: 65g, 35g

Eg: 40g, 50g















New Cat Statistic
Download PDF • 251KB

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