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Toronto expanding successful dog poop bins program

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

A pilot project that put special “dog poop” sections into litter bins has been so successful that the city is expanding into the third and final phase with 62 more receptacles in new locations. That’s a grand total of 100 dog waste bins since the project began a year ago.

The special section on the city garbage containers has a green sticker that reads “dog poop” and shows a picture of a pet owner placing dog waste in a bin.

The pilot project is an attempt to keep organic waste out of landfill via the usual drop into the garbage bin. (And to keep that waste out of recycling. When pet owners put dog droppings into that bin, whatever else is in there is contaminated.)

The city says it has diverted more than 500 tonnes of organic material since it began putting green bins in parks four years ago. That organic material can be processed to create digester solids, which become soil-enriching compost. The processing of organics also produces biogas.

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