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Doggie Dunnies

A big thank you to Doggie Dunnies for providing sponsorship funds that help us spread the word about eco-friendly pet waste solutions. Re-purposing dog poo relies on collecting dog poo that is not contaminated with other rubbish. The Doggie Dunnie rubbish bin design works to keep other rubbish out and has proven to work great. Research and design is currently underway to enable this design to be retrofitted to large existing community bins, to make it easier to have a lot more of them in the community. WATCH THIS SPACE!

Doggie Dunnies is a simple and effective solution which engages the dog-owner community to help resolve the ever-increasing volume of dog waste entering general landfill. The public collection units are specifically designed to largely eliminate the cross contamination with general waste to allow dog waste to be collected for industrial recycling into green waste. This not only benefits the community and the environment, but it is also a safe and an integral part of the process in providing a solution that the community can be proactive in for the long term.

The units in 3 design options, complement the current collection methods required in conjunction with compostable bags to also help eliminate the problem of micro-plastics entering the food chain.

Learn more about our GOLD sponsor - Doggie Dunnies - Dog waste bin station

Doggie Dunnies is continually working on how it can continue to be a long-term partner and solution for all passionate dog owners and the communities they participate in.

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Fantastic website with heaps of positive ideas.

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