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London, Ont. considers allowing dog waste in green bins

Updated: Jan 28

Four-legged Londoners just might be in luck.

After years of debate and a pandemic-driven delay to London’s green bin program, city hall is finally charging ahead – weighing up the options to build a curbside compost program in the largest Ontario city without one.

One of the key questions left to answer about the future green bin system is whether pet poop – which makes up a whopping 10 per cent of London’s trash – should be allowed in the compost.

2024 update:

"Baby diapers, incontinence products, and pet waste will not be permitted in green bins. Instead, they will continue to be disposed with a household’s regular garbage that moves from the current eight-day collection cycle to every 14 days.

“'Londoners that are handling pet waste, Londoners handling diapers, will have to hold on to that material an extra four to six days,' confirmed (Director of Climate Change, Environment, and Waste Jay) Stanford.

"He added that the city will be able to adjust decisions around pet waste and other changes if too many challenges arise."

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