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What do Australians do with their dog poo?

Updated: May 16

Keywords: Dog faeces; Household waste practices; Waste collection; Waste disposal; Home compost; Compost attitudes

Australian dog owners are progressively seeking more sustainable alternatives to dog poo collection and disposal, such as compostable waste bags and home composting.

Little is known about dog owners’ attitudes towards composting dog poo or how they manage dog poo within private households.

1054 Australian dog owners were surveyed in 2020 to better understand attitudes towards the sustainable management of dog poo.

The survey investigated household demographics, how they collect and dispose of dog poo, their home composting practices, and their attitudes, experiences, and concerns regarding home composting dog poo.

"The large proportion of dog owners willing to try home composting, with more information, demonstrates the potential for more dog faeces to be diverted from landfill and recycled within households".

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What do Australians do with their dog poo A survey of dog-owning household practices and
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