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How-to: Backyard pet waste composting webinar

Can you treat dog and cat poop like any other “green” compost pile material?


Rick Carr, farm director and master composter at Rodale institute, says, “I’d be more concerned about the risk of exposure to fecal coliforms by getting poop on my shoes and tracking it into my house than putting it in my compost. Fully cooked, cured, finished compost poses virtually no risk, no matter what went into it.”


Find out what it takes to process pet waste with due diligence to produce finished compost that’s safe and beneficial for plants at EPWN's free webinar.

August 22, 2024, 4 pm EDT, 3 pm CDT, 2 pm MDT, 1 pm PDT 

10-15 min. webinar, Q&A will follow.

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