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Tonawanda, NY trainer is dog poo worm farmer

Updated: May 17

Vermiculture – Dog Poo Compost

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Myles Stubblefield Vermicomposter

Myles Stubblefield, just like many of us, wants to do his part to protect the environment. He grew up in Buffalo, New York and was an adventurous, outdoorsy kid. His father ran puppy training classes which meant that they had bags of dog poop to clean up every day.

At first, this didn’t bother Myles, however as the years went on, he knew there must be a better, more ecofriendly way to dispose of all this dog poop then simply throwing it out. Determined to become ‘zero waste’, Myles found solace in vermiculture.

Starting with just one thousand worms four years ago, he has now expanded his worm population to more than one million. Although a challenging task with multiple businesses running at the same time, Myles has dedicated himself to composting dog poop to reduce his contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. He even sends the dog poop off for tests to ensure that no viral load is present , minimising the environmental risks, and maintains very strict time and temperature requirements for composting.

While he currently doesn’t accept dog poop donations, his goal is to inspire others to follow his lead and convert their own dog waste with their own vermiculture project. He even shares his knowledge within his community at his “power of worms” workshops and classes.

News feature provided \Matthew Lawrence Djuhadi, Cassidy Dodson, Abby Hoffmann and Jade Woods, students at Deakin University, Victoria, Australia

Miles Stubblefield is the owner of K9 Vision Inc., a dog training company based in Tonawanda. K9 Vision Inc. now shares its space with Stubblefield's next venture, Buffalo Worm Works.

More information can be found by clicking on the following links. Got Dog Poop? Let This Vermicomposting Success Story Inspire You

NPR featured a Myles Stubblefield interview at an April 30, 2022 edition of "Wait, Wait...Don't Tell me" - Live from Buffalo.

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