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US dogs produce more waste than humans did in 1959

Updated: May 22

Much of the 11 million tons of dog waste generated in the U.S. each year is trashed and streamed to lined and sealed landfills. The rest is left on the ground as a potential pollutant, particularly in urban areas.

The average dog poops more per day than the average person. Throw in the tons of plastic we use in a foolhardy attempt to sanitize this absurd process.

Add it up and you find that today U.S. dogs generate more solid waste than the U.S. human population in 1959. Can you imagine an advanced country in 1959 not providing a practical sanitary disposal system that works for its 178 million people? We have a hard time wrapping our heads around that one and hope you do, too.


1959 human population 177.8 million (US Census Bureau)

2017 dog population 90 million (Statista)

Pet waste quantities Average dog/.75 lb. of waste per day (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture)

Human waste quantities

On average humans excrete 128 g (.28 lb.) of fresh feces per person per day - Rose, C.; Parker, A.; Jefferson, B.; Cartmell, E. (2015). "The Characterization of Feces and Urine: A Review of the Literature to Inform Advanced Treatment Technology," 3.1

Dog waste vs. human waste

.28 lbs. human waste per day vs. .75 average dog waste per day

2017 U.S. dogs

90 million dogs x .75 lb. waste per day = total 67,500,000 lb. waste per day ÷ 2,000 = 33,750 tons per day 33,750 tons per day x 365 days = 12.3 million tons dog waste per year

1959 U.S. humans

177.8 million humans x .28 lb. waste per day = total 49,784,000 lb. per day ÷ 2,000 = 24,900 tons per day 24,900 tons per day x 365 days = 9 million tons per year

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