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EPWN R&D: EnviroWagg

Updated: May 16

EnviroWagg is an Enviro Pet Waste Network program that is composting Colorado dog waste into a safe and nutrient-rich soil amendment that greens up plants. Research and development at the composting site contributes to how we understand processing, testing and applying compost that uses dog waste as primary feedstock.

EnviroWagg's partner Pet Scoop collects one ton/week (50+ tons/year) from 20 hiking trail heads a at Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks and the City of Boulder's Valmont Dog Park. Dog parks in Lafayette, Louisville and Superior also supply poo, along with dog daycares, businesses and homes in the Denver Metro area also supply poo.

Talking about being green and making token efforts are one thing. Taking steps to make a meaningful difference is another. EnviroWagg's Green Partners are helping to reduce carbon paw prints in Front Range communities investing in their zero waste goals.

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