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Canadian provinces where dog poop is accepted in composting facilities

Updated: May 21

Forty-one percent of Canadian households are home to 8.2 million dogs. So where does all that poo go?

Dozens of communities in seven Canadian provinces accept pet waste for composting. Some municipalities include pet poop with food scraps and other organics in green bins headed for compost facilities. Residents in others can deposit poo in designated bins at parks and other public locations.

What to Do if Your Region Won’t Compost Dog Poop?

"If you live somewhere that does not currently allow dog poop in compost bins, not all hope is lost! You can take the matter into your own hands and write to your local government requesting that your region’s composting facility starts accepting pet waste."

From the Earth Rated blog post How and Where to Compost Dog Poop

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This is useful for compostable bags that are 100% compostable. But let’s make sure we aren’t supporting the large greenwashing efforts by a big Canadian corporation thats responsible for canadians disposing 4 million plastic bags into the trash and trails every single day. Clearly it’s not quite what we would call earth friendly.

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