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Calgary pilots compost bins at two city dog parks

Updated: May 17

Two Calgary off-leash parks are piloting a dog waste diversion program, that could also reduce the number of single-use plastic bags going to landfill.

The pilot, which began in April 2023 at the Tom Campbell’s Hill and Queen’s Park Village dog parks, has signage and a modified residential green cart in the same location as garbage bins at park entrances for the disposal of pet feces.

In addition to reducing the use of plastic bags, city leaders hope that a dog waste composting program will encourage pick-ups.

Here's the full Live Wire Calgary story. Photos: Great Ward 9 Neighborhoods, Gian-Carlo Carra

Update: After a six-month trial, a decision was made not to continue the park diversion program - in spite of signage and compostable bags supplied - due to trash and plastic bag contamination.

Calgary Green Cart program already accepts household pet waste

Since 2017 Calgary’s Green Cart program has been saying "yes" to pet poop.

"All food scraps, yard waste and pet waste can go in the green cart." - August 15, 2021

Shortly after the citywide residential program was fully engaged, Calgary saw a 50 per cent reduction in the amount of waste picked up in the black carts, which is transported to the landfill.

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