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Alaska leads the way to look at options to compost dog waste

Updated: May 17

One of the earliest studies into composting dog waste began in 1991 to evaluate the possibility of composting dog waste in northern climates (dog waste only).

The study was supported by Fairbanks Soil and Water Conservation District, with technical assistance from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service with mushers and dog kennel operators.

The study goal was to develop easy yet effective dog waste composting practices that reliably destroy pathogens found in some dog poop. The 8-page publication draws upon the results of the original 1991 study and more than a decade of additional experience.

The document introduces the size of the dog waste problem, the benefits of composting, uses of compost, explains what composting is, what supplies are needed to get started (nitrogen rich material (dog poop), carbon rich dry materials, thermometer, moisture meter, shovel/fork and bin. carbon source and water supply. It then describes a step-by-step method for composting and a compost recipe.

Below is an image of the 7 different types of compost bins discussed in the document.

Reference below.

Download PDF • 7.65MB

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