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to Enviro Pet Waste Network!

 helping divert pet poop from landfill

The Enviro Pet Waste Network (EPWN) connects people and communities that are successfully diverting dog and cat waste from landfills with those who want to learn how to develop similar programs in their own cities and towns. This website will help you find eco-friendly options for managing pet waste.

Want to help reduce the environmental impact of cat waste or of dog poop at your park, beach, trail, home or community? You’ve come to the right place. It is estimated there are about 900 million dogs and 700 million cats worldwide!


Together we can do our bit to help save the planet and reduce our carbon pawprint!
Waste isn't waste until we waste it!

Who are we and what do we do?

The Enviro Pet Waste Network (EPWN) is a nonprofit (501c3) organisation providing information to help dog and cat owners, communities, businesses and government to reduce the carbon pawprint of dogs and cats. There are more eco-friendly ways of taking care of pet waste than sending it to landfill, when buried, it decomposes extremely slowly (if at all) in anaerobic conditions. This creates methane, a really harmful greenhouse gas.


Almost all countries in the world have signed up to the Paris Agreement to tackle climate change, a global emergency and reduce these types of emissions.

Art by Leigh Brown

Together, we can keep pet waste out of garbage bins and dumpsters and stop it spoiling the landscape and polluting waterways and environments.

Together, we can do our bit to help save the planet and reduce our carbon pawprint!

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