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New York

New York

Battery Park Battery Park City’s zero waste initiatives includes a program that composts waste for the park’s three dog runs using two retrofitted Earth Cubes manufactured by Green Mountain Technologies. The city is now using the compost to enrich landscape. Check out the news on the BPCA program expansion.

Brooklyn Heights Friends of Hillside Dog Park installed compost bins along with pooper scoopers and biodegradable brown paper. Scooped poop goes into a composting tumbler, gets mixed with sawdust, wood chips, or other carbon-filled material to cook for months. Here’s the scoop.


A 2009 pilot partnership between dog owners and a compost company in Ithaca, N.Y. completed a large-scale composting of waste collected at the city’s dog park. The multi-year project produced safe compost which was donated for municipal use.  See the Ithaca video.

Tonawanda Trainer Myles Stubblefield, owner of K-9 Vision in Tonawanda vermicomposts his canine clients’ waste.

Williamsburg The Martha P. Johnson Dog Park in Brooklyn tested the feasibility of on-site dog waste composting using scoopers and cedar bins. The site, now named  Marsha P. Johnson State Park, has successfully operated the program for six years. See a webinar featuring the update.

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